About Us

“I’d Give Anything To Make It Stop!”

That’s what most patients say when they come to see us for neuropathy relief. Have you ever felt “stuck?” If you suffer with tingling, burning, pain and pins and needles in your feet, this may be the most important message you will ever hear. You are about to discover how a medical breakthrough in the treatment of neuropathy pain has provided thousands of sufferers relief.

Until Now, There Was Very Little That Could Be Done…

Board Certified Neurologist, Jimmy Ninh, MD, has discovered a way to not only provide pain relief, but to give his patients their lives back. As an expert in neurological disorders, he has developed a comprehensive neuropathy program that combines the latest in medical advances with other conservative modalities. “For years, my only options were to prescribe Neurontin or Lyrica for my neuropathy patients, but now, when combined with our comprehensive neuropathy program, I am seeing results that I have never seen before,” Dr. Ninh explains

Choose Your Treating Doctor Carefully

While there are very few options for treating neuropathy pain, it is very important to select the right professionals to entrust your care with. At the Medical Wellness and Neurology center of Texas, Board Certified Neurologist, Jimmy Ninh, M.D, is fellowship trained in Neurophysiology at The University of Chicago with over 14 years studying and treating neuropathy. Working hand in hand with his brother, Board Certified Chiropractor, James Ninh, DC, the two doctors have over 29 years of combined experience helping their patients get their lives back, and providing comprehensive care for patients suffering with the symptoms of neuropathy.